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BaySail's Mission

>> To foster environmental stewardship of the Saginaw Bay Watershed and the Great Lakes ecosystem and to provide personal development opportunities for learners of all ages through ship board and land based educational experiences. <<

Science Under Sail
Shipboard Itinerary

Welcome to the Schooner Appledore! Students will arrive having been assigned to one of three groups by their teacher:

Plankton Pirates Red
Benthic Brigade Gold
Water Wardens Blue

Class shot

An Appledore Teacher will greet students while still ashore. Each student will be issued a pencil and Appledore Journal.

Prior to boarding, students will receive a brief overview of what a watershed is. They will also meet and receive a safety talk from either the Appledore’s first mate or Captain.

Saginaw River Transit to the Bay

As we pull away from the dock, students begin to learn about the different sails the schooner Appledore sets. During the river transit, Appledore Teachers will take their groups through different stations:

Knot tying

Grades 3-5 will explore the Aquatic Food Web.

Grades 6-8 focus on simple machines and drawbridges.

Observation: includes wildlife identification and a discussion focusing on potential pollution problems along the river.


Collecting benthic sample

“On-Station” Sampling

After dropping anchor in Saginaw Bay, each group will participate in using scientific equipment to collect the sample for which it is named. For example, the Plankton Pirates will collect the plankton sample, the Benthic Brigade will collect the benthic sample and the Water Wardens will collect the water sample using a plankton net, petite ponar dredge and alpha water bottle, respectively.

Flag pull

Raise the Sails!

Once all the samples have been collected, the crew will engage students in raising the sails. The teachers and chaperones are encouraged to participate as well!

Students will also participate in two activities at this time: navigation and weatehr. The navigation activity includes activities like knot tying and compass reading. The weather activity gives students the chance to find the wind speed and direction, air temperature, and cloud types.

Collecting benthic sample

Science Station Rotations

Each group will take turns rotating through the Plankton, Benthic, and Water Stations in order to analyze the samples they collected earlier.

Dock at Wenona Park